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Australia Queensland Gold Coast Surfers Paradise Adrenaline Park

Adrenaline Park in Surfers Paradise

Adrenaline Park

Adrenaline Park, located on the block at the corner of Corner of Cypress and Palm Avenue in Surfers Paradise features a range of thrilling, stomach churning rides designed to inject a healthy dose of adrenaline into the bloodstream of visitors game enough to try them.

Located here is the oldest bungy jump in the Gold Coast. The equivalent of 14 storeys in height, taking the leap is considered by many to be a rite of passage here in Surfers Paradise.

On the same block is the Flycoaster which simulate an experience of flying through the air at ridiculously high speeds while supported by harnesses. The ride involves flying from 35 metres up in the air down to 2 metres and back up again while providing some nice views of the surrounding beaches and skyline of Surfers.

Other rides include the Slingshot where passengers are propelled over a 100 metres at high speeds and the Vomatron where electric motors rotate a giant arm holding capsules into extreme spins.

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